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Ways to help reduce your business energy bills with GlenFarrow

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With winter just around the corner and energy costs on the rise, it has never been more of an urgency to get the most out of your energy bills. Finding ways to cut down on energy usage is becoming increasingly more important – so we have put together some of the ways in which GlenFarrow can help businesses reduce their energy bills.


Over the years we have seen many businesses convert to solar power and that’s down to its many cost saving advantages. From increasing your business cashflow to their versatility, we have listed the main benefits of investing in solar panels below.

  • Reduces energy bills and increases business cashflow
  • Short payback period
  • Tax efficient and reduces carbon footprint
  • Future proofs your business
  • Increases business sustainability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Stabilises costs for the future



Switch to LEDs (LED lighting systems)

Our GlenFarrow engineers are able to design, supply and install LED lighting systems for commercial buildings – helping you to reduce your energy bills.

Benefits of LED systems:

  • Highly efficient

LEDs generally consume very low amounts of power, making them highly efficient an a great way of keeping your energy costs low.

  • Beam angles

LED bulbs have various beam angles, making them a great solution for only illuminating specific areas. Also, less energy will be wasted on lighting up areas that do not require light.


Sustainable heating (biomass)

Converting your commercial heating system to biomass could help you see huge savings for your business.

Utilise waste wood:

Biomass is a great way of disposing your waste wood and utilising it for fuel. This way, you can cut down on fuel costs and eliminate removal and/or recycling costs for the waste wood.

Drastically cheaper fuel than gas, oil, LPG and/or electric:

Wood fuel is usually much cheaper than the cost of gas, oil or electric – especially if you have a wood business or produce a lot of waste wood.

Second hand boilers – get RHI payments for your heating:

Although the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) has ended, it is still possible to receive payments with second hand biomass boiler accredited to the RHI by benefitting from the remainder of the boiler’s RHI tariff.


Annual servicing for heating appliances

Reduces energy bills and increases efficiency

  • If your boiler isn’t serviced it loses efficiency – resulting in higher energy bills
  • Annual servicing keeps your boiler in tip top condition

Save money on costly repairs

  • Servicing helps to stop issues before they lead to a boiler breakdown and helps to prevent costly repairs

Prevents winter breakdowns

  • With winter just around the corner, we need our heating to be working as efficiency as possible

To find out more about how GlenFarrow can help to keep your business energy bill low for the upcoming colder months, get in touch here.