Benefits of solar for your business:

  • Reduces energy bills and increases business cashflow
  • Short payback period
  • Tax efficient and reduces carbon foot print
  • Future proofs your business
  • Increases business sustainability
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Solar panels are silent and space saving

Maximise your solar PV energy generation with battery storage!

Maximise your solar PV energy generation with battery storage!

Adding batteries to your PV system is the best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your solar investment. It means the energy your panels generate during the day will not go to waste if not used – it can be stored away to use whenever you need it.

What to expect from your commercial PV installation

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    Site visit and data collection

    After initial enquiry, the first step will be to collect data and visit your site (if necessary). Once we know your electricity usage, we can start calculations to develop the optimum system for your needs.

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    Initial proposal

    After we have completed our calculations we will put together our first proposal. This will cover system size and layout, output, savings operational costs, return on investment, carbon reduction figures and more.

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    Technical survey

    Once the initial proposal has been agreed, a full technical survey will follow. Our team will visit your site and conduct an independent structural assessment, scaffold and access assessment and an electrical integration assessment.

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    Formal proposal

    If our team are happy with the outcome of the technical survey, we will then put together a formal proposal. This is similar to the initial proposal, but will involve much more detail about the job.

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    Project delivery and installation

    Once the proposal has been accepted, the installation process will commence. Our installation team work closely with our client to ensure minimal disruption when on-site.

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    After installation is complete and has been commissioned, our team will complete handover with the customer.

Solar PV for drying kilns

Solar PV for drying kilns

Adding solar panels to your drying kiln can help you to reduce your electricity bills and increase your business’ sustainability!