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Biomass Boiler

Pearson Packages
Butterwick, Boston

Pearson Packages Ltd is a family run business who, in their words, have "evolved along with the potato box since mid 1970's". Located in Butterwick, Boston, they are one of the UK's largest manufactures of potato boxes and also offer a range of modern day garden products and display items.

After assessing the site at Pearson Packages, the GlenFarrow team developed a system that would best meet the customers' requirements. A GlenFarrow GF210 biomass boiler, complete with the installation of a wet heating system, was chosen as the ideal solution. 

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R Hutt & Partners
Lee Farm, Maidenhead

Lee Farm is home to the family run business R Hutt & Partners, located in Maidenhead, Berkshire. The vast establishment includes a domestic home, a farm workshop, two equestrian tack rooms and various rented workshop areas. Due to loading requirements and newly proposed heat uses, the customer wanted to eliminate their current manual loading routine and upgrade their current boiler with a self-feeding system so valuable time could be saved and utilised elsewhere.

Out team assessed the site and developed a solution to best fit the customer's needs. A Heizomat RHK-AK400 automatic wood chip biomass boiler was the ideal solution. This also allowed the customer to take advantage of the newly available RHI "plant replacement" legislation.

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Foskett Willows
Woodbridge, Suffolk

Foskett Willows has a ready supply of biomass in the form of willow off-cuts. They wanted to use that waste wood to fuel the drying process for their cricket bat clefts, improving their efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint by removing the need for expensive fossil fuels. Additionally, they are heating their workshops using the new boiler.

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Tracey Estate, Devon
Blackdown Hills Devon

Tracey Estate, Devon, wanted to renew old, fossil fuel burning heating systems and improve their ability to dry logs sold from the estate. As the estate is run on a sustainable model a GlenFarrow Biomass boiler was an ideal solution to meet all their requirements.

GlenFarrow recommended a GF210 boiler. GlenFarrow installed the new boiler and managed the initial work on the Renewable Heat Incentive application.

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Logs West Midlands

Logs West Midlands Ltd is an established firewood merchant, processing up to 2,800m3 of firewood/annum. Installing a GlenFarrow Biomass Log Drier has helped them guarantee continuity of supply of dry firewood, reduce the amount of wood they need to stockpile and has meant they can use renewable biomass fuel to power the driers.

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MK Robinson
Bourne, Lincolnshire

MK Robinson used a GlenFarrow Biomass Boiler to enable them to dramatically cut drying times and increase the volume of wood they are able to process.

M K Robinson, based in Bourne, Lincolnshire, wanted to increase the volume of wood they dried annually. They were barn drying over 600 tonnes of ash and oak each year and wanted to increase this without turning over more space to barn drying.  After an initial site visit they chose a GF125.

The company had large amounts of unprocessed, lower grade cord wood available. The lower grade wood was ideal to power the new Biomass Boiler.

GlenFarrow were able to help M K Robinson. Why not read the full story read the M K Robinson case study.

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Commercial Heating

Thomas Cowley High School

Thomas Cowley High School, founded in 1973, recently reached out to GlenFarrow to complete works on their out-of-date heating system. There were two main problems with their heating system. GlenFarrow's engineers developed a solution which would best resolve the heating issues in both areas.

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The Beeches
Long Sutton

The Beeches, a farm house in Long Sutton, required a complete plant room refurbishment to upgrade the heating and hot water system. The customer wanted to improve the reliability of his boiler, which was well over 30 years old and only around 70% efficient. After a site assessment our GlenFarrow heating team developed a plant refurbishment solution to dramatically increase boiler reliability and efficiency.

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Lamberts, based in Norwich, came to GlenFarrow to provide a solution for their business heating needs, Their current gas boiler had been condemned to use. Therefore, they required a complete plant refurbishment, including the removal and disposal of old boilers and redundant pipework. Our GlenFarrow heating team developed a solution that would best fit the customers needs.

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Moulton All Saints Church
Moulton, Lincs

Our client needed to replace an ageing and inefficient gas fired warm air system. However, space for a new boiler was very restricted and a number of other challenges had to be overcome.

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Commercial Electrical Work for Turners Warehouse

Turners (Soham) Ltd, one of the UK's largest and most successful private distribution companies, wanted to rejuvenate a warehouse and transport yard in Spalding.

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Southfield Farm
Newark, Newark-on-Trent

The GlenFarrow irrigation team was approached to design and install an irrigation system for a new farmhouse and gardens near Newark.

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Oakham School
Oakham, Rutland

GlenFarrow's irrigation team was asked to design a system that could be installed in three stages, with capacity built in from the outset. We began with the cricket pitch but the system will extend over the next 3 - 5 years to include all cricket squares as well as the rugby pitches.

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Sports Turf Irrigation

Lincoln United Football Club

Lincoln United Football Club was in need of an irrigation system for their football pitch. The grass was dying due to poor water supply and a lack of watering fertiliser into the soil, so maintaining the pitch was becoming progressively more difficult.

GlenFarrow designed an irrigation system that would be both efficient and cost-effective.

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Oakham School
Oakham, Rutland

GlenFarrow's irrigation team was asked to design a system that could be installed in three stages, with capacity built in from the outset. We began with the cricket pitch but the system will extend over the next 3 - 5 years to include all cricket squares as well as the rugby pitches.

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Waste Water Treatment

Tulip Ltd

Our client needed a system that would transfer greasy waste from food production on their extremely large site away from the screening plant and into the bulk storage tank, prior to disposal.

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Crown Chicken Ltd

Crown Chicken Ltd had experienced problems in the past with the preliminary waste water treatment system at their large processing facility. Dead areas in the holding tanks had led to the emission of odours and GlenFarrow was asked to re-design the system to eliminate the problem.

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