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GF210 Biomass Boiler system | Pearson Packages

GlenFarrow biomass boiler
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The requirement Pearson Packages Ltd is a family-run business who, in their words, have “evolved along with the potato box since mid 1970’s”. Located in Butterwick, Boston, they are one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of potato boxes, also offering a range of modern day garden products and display items. The Owner, Andrew Pearson, wanted to replace and upgrade his fossil fuel fired space heating system which was coming to the end of its life span. Also, he wanted to take advantage of the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme and find away to utilise their excess wood product, which at present had to be deposed of as a cost to the business. Our solution After assessing the site at Pearson Packages, the Glen Farrow team developed a system that would best meet the customers’ requirements. A Glen Farrow GF 210 biomass boiler, complete with the installation of a wet heating system, was chosen as an ideal solution. This particular biomass boiler system was able to provide the optimum heat output and make use of their bi-products for fuel. Glen Farrow also supplied and installed pipework, high-output fan convector heaters and all ancillary equipment across the premise. Not only did this system provide a solution for utilising their bi-products, but also made them eligible to receive RHI payments for their heating. This helped to assist with covering the capital costs of the boiler installation. What the client said “Glen Farrow offered us a brilliant, cost-effective solution for utilising our wood bi-product and providing space heating for our factory/workshop. Not only does this provide a better distribution of heat throughout the factory, but it has also aided the business in moving towards a more environmentally friendly direction. I would highly recommend Glen Farrow for any potential future projects.” Andrew Pearson, Pearson Packages