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GlenFarrow’s top 5 reasons to add batteries to your solar PV system


With the demand for sustainable energy solutions on the rise, more and more businesses are turning to solar PV systems in efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs. While solar PV systems are a great way of generating electricity from the sun during daylight hours, adding batteries to your system can provide your business with a multitude of benefits. Below are GlenFarrow’s top 5 reasons why you should add battery storage to your solar PV system:

  1. Use solar energy when the sun goes down

One of the most poignant advantages of adding batteries to your system is storage. With batteries, excess power that has not be used up during daylight hours can be stored for later use – allowing you to reap the benefits of solar power 24 hours a day. So whether its sunny or raining, day or night – you can have a stored supply for energy to use whenever your business needs it.

  1. Increase your independence from the grid

Batteries help your business to reduce its reliance on the National Grid. For example, in the event of a blackout or power outage, battery storage systems can provide a reliable backup power supply – helping to keep your business operational*

*Dependant on equipment installed

  1. Reduce energy bills and avoid peak-time electric charges

By integrating batteries into your solar PV system, you gain the ability of using solar generated energy during peak times instead of taking electricity from the grid. Batteries can result in huge energy savings for businesses.

  1. Optimise your system and increase efficiency

Batteries make sure that the solar power you generate during the day does not go to waste, making solar PV systems even more efficient by providing you stored energy.

  1. Increase business sustainability

On top of all the above points, batteries will also help to show your business is taking more steps towards greater environmental sustainability. Adding batteries reduces energy wastage, showing that your business is going the extra mile to get the most out of solar power.

Our GlenFarrow engineers can advise and install PV batteries for your solar panel systems. To find out more about PV battery storage call our experts on 01775 722327 or get in touch here.