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The benefits of solar panels for commercial buildings

solar panels

With energy prices constantly on the rise with no signs of slowing down, renewable energy has never been more desirable. Over the years we have seen many businesses convert to solar power and that’s down to its many cost saving advantages, along with increasing businesses green credentials. From increasing your business cashflow to their versatility, we have listed the main benefits of investing in solar power below.


  1. Completely renewable energy

Solar is one of the few truly renewable energy sources in the world – meaning as long as the sun still shines on Earth, your solar panels will generate electricity for your business.

  1. Reduces energy bills and increases business cashflow

Generating your own electric means reducing your reliance on the National Grid, or in some instances, removing yourself altogether. As soon as your commercial panels are connected to the energy grid, you will start to see huge saving on your energy bills. The more money saved each month, means more money that can be invested back into the business.

  1. Low maintenance costs

One desirable aspect of having solar panels is that they require minimal maintenance. As there are no moving parts involved, there is very little wear and tear. Customers will also be able to get away with only cleaning the panels a couple of times a year. Therefore, after the initial investment, you can be rest assured there won’t be huge maintenance costs coming your way.

  1. Increases your businesses sustainably

One great incentive of investing in solar power is the eco-friendly message it gives out to your customers about your business. More and more businesses are making efforts to become more sustainable, and solar is a great way to do just that. They create a greener image of your brand that will make a great impression on employees, shareholders and customers.

  1. Future proof your business

Predicting future energy bill prices, especially in today’s climate, is increasingly difficult and the market is more volatile than ever. If the past year has shown us anything, it is that energy prices can be very unpredictable and businesses must take precautionary steps to prepare for rising prices. Solar panels are a great way of ensuring your business’ electrical costs, even in an energy crisis.

  1. Cost effective and easy to install

With the future looking more electric than ever, solar power is not the rare concept it once was. Solar panels are becoming more and more accessible and the demand has never been higher. Installations are usually quick and unobtrusive with a large variety of installation options to suit nearly every scenario.

  1. Silent and space saving

As solar panels are installed on the roof of buildings and/or containers, they are a great energy solution for saving valuable space. They are discrete and silent making them very appealing, especially if your business is located near a residential area.

  1. Improves energy security

Being less reliant on the National Grid means your business is more protected and systems are now commonly available with automatic battery changeover to keep the lights on in the event of a power cut. No power means a great loss of production/activity to your business and employees

Our electricians offer a full turn-key solution for solar panel system design, installation and maintenance. For a free quotation, get in touch today on 01775 722327.