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The advantages of plasma cutting

Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is a revolutionary technique for cutting conductive metals. It works by employing a high-velocity jet of ionised gas (plasma) – facilitated by an electric arc that forms between the electrode and the metal. As the gas rises to an extremely high temperature, it transforms into plasma. This rapidly melts and blows away the metal, making a precise and clean cut. Below we have put together a list of advantages for plasma cutting.

The advantages of plasma cutting

  • Precision

Plasma cutters are able to achieve very precise cuts. Intricate designs, sharp corners, and complex shapes are achievable with minimal effort and with a high level of accuracy. The cutting process removes excess material resulting in minimal dross. This means that very little or sometimes no finishing is required.

  • Versatility

Plasma cutting has the flexibility to handle a wide range of materials. These include stainless steel, aluminium or other conductive metals – and materials of varying thickness.

  • Speed and efficiency

Plasma cutters cut metal at rapid speeds to allow for a quicker project completion, helping to boost overall productivity.

  • Minimal heat transfer

Metal warping is not a concern when it comes to plasma cutting. This is due to its ability to create cuts with minimal heat transfer, helping to reduce distortion and preserve the material’s integrity.

  • Cost effective

Plasma cutting is a comparatively cheaper method for cutting thick metals than other options. One of the main reasons for this is the versatility of a plasma cutter being able to cut a wide range of materials. This helps eliminate the need to invest in different cutting equipment for different types of metals.

How GlenFarrow can elevate your fabrication with plasma cutting

At GlenFarrow we offer plasma cutting services for conductive sheet metals of varying thicknesses. Our 2-axis plasma cutter can cut sheets up to 38mm thick – with the capability of cutting sheets up to 6500mm x 1500mm! We also offer a CAD design service so you can either supply us with your own drawing or we can design it for you.

To find out more about our plasma cutting services at GlenFarrow call us on 01775 722327 or get in touch here.