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Winter is coming: How to prepare your business for the colder months

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How to help keep your business’ energy bills low this winter

As we say farewell to the summer sun and hello to colder days and darker nights, it is time to start preparing your business for the winter seasons ahead. Cold temperatures often mean a rise in your energy consumption, that’s why it is important to ensure your heating and electrical systems are working at optimum efficiency to help keep energy bills low this winter. Below we have put together few things you can do to be pro-active for your business:

  1. Inspect and maintain heating systems

Ensuring your heating system is in tip-top condition before the cold weather sets in is crucial to get the most out of your energy bills. The best way to know if your system is operating correctly is via a commercial boiler and heating system service. A qualified engineer can thoroughly inspect and test your heating system to notify you if your appliance is operating efficiently. Regular servicing can also help prevent unexpected breakdowns when your business needs heating the most.

  1. Boiler upgrade

If your commercial boiler is approaching the 15 year mark or older, it may be time to think about replacing it for a newer model. This is because the older the boiler is, the more likely it is to start developing issues that could become quite costly. Also, new boiler models tend to be much more efficient that older models – helping to lower your energy bills.

  1. Energy-efficient lighting

Alongside updating your heating system, lighting is a significant proportion of your business’ electrical expenses. Updating your lighting system to energy efficient LEDs will help your business to consume less power and the increase life span of your lighting. Adding motion sensors and timers can also help to reduce unnecessary lighting usage by only illuminating when your businesses needs it.

  1. Solar panels

Having a solar panel system installed on your commercial building can help your business see huge savings in electrical bills – even in winter months. As long as the sun is shining on your panels, your business can generate free renewable electricity. With energy prices being more volatile than ever, solar panels are great way of lowering that dreaded price on your electricity bill (or in some instances removing it completely!)

  1. Sustainable heating

Converting your commercial heating system to biomass could help your business see huge energy savings this winter – especially if your business produces excess waste wood that can be utilised for fuel. Wood fuel is also usually much cheaper than the cost of gas, oil and electric.

  1. Electrical testing (EICR)

By having a qualified electrician carry out an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) on your building, your electrical system can be fully inspected to ensure it is running at optimum efficiency. EICRs help to give you piece of mind that your electrical system is in working order for the winter – with recommendations for improvement.

Our GlenFarrow engineers are fully qualified for electrical, biomass, plumbing and heating works. To find out how we can help your business prepare for winter call us on 01775 722327 or get in touch here.