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GlenFarrow’s Trade Counter expands PVC capacity to support local businesses

Trade Counter

With the frosts nearly over and days becoming warmer, our stores department wanted to make sure there was enough PVC stock availability for our customers preparing for the season ahead. In the last couple of months, we have over doubled our capacity of PVC pipe & fittings and increased our shelving by 50% in store.

There were a multitude of reasons as to why GlenFarrow Trade Counter Manager, Kevin Hargrave, took initiative to expand GlenFarrow’s PVC stock. Below are just a few examples:

Higher demand and Brexit 

Kevin noticed an increase in demand from customers for quality products. To meet this demand, he thought it would be in our customers interest to increase our stock holding. There were also uncertainties over Brexit with ports holding up stock coming into the country (as we have seen in the news over the last few weeks). So, Kevin reacted with ordering more stock ahead of time to be able to support local businesses and provide them with the necessary PVC they require. 

Horticultural peak season 

GlenFarrow understands that with warmer days approaching, there will be a busy build up for re-starting watering systems. Kevin wanted to ensure we have the best possible availability for PVC products during this peak time for horticulture. 


We have reorganised our additional shelving in the trade counter showroom to help keep customers as safe as possible during the current pandemic. The added fixtures allows for additional space between products which helps with social distancing. Kevin, with the help of GlenFarrow store assistant Darren, ensures all products are clearly labelled and in size order so customers can easily find and pick their own goods.

If you are in need of any PVC essentials, we have got you covered this spring season. To find out more information call Kevin Hargrave on 01775 722327.

You can also find our store here: https://glenfarrow.co.uk/contact-us/