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GlenFarrow exhibits at the 2022 APF show!

APF show birds eye view

This year marks GlenFarrow’s 3rd year attending the APF show… and it did not disappoint! The turnout was excellent and it was great to showcase our robust range of chippers, biomass boilers, our auto-feed system and a working recirculation drying kiln. We would like to give a huge thanks to everyone that came by last week and had a chat at the event. We would also like the give our thanks to everyone at APF for putting on a great show. Take a look at what we brought along with us….

The GF pallet chipper and auto-chipper

Our chippers are a few of our newest products to join our biomass range, designed to chip pallets and waste wood.


  • Industry leading throughput of up to 1500kg of wood chip/hour
  • Chip up to 70 pallets/hour
  • Automatic ram and pneumatics
  • Multiple wood chip grades available including G30 and G50
  • Very low running costs and optimisable for different materials

 Pallet chipper

  • Industry leading throughput of up to 750kg of wood chip/hour
  • Chip up to 40 pallets/hour
  • Multiple wood chip grades available including G30 and G50
  • Very low running costs
  • Fully customisable with bespoke systems available

The GF auto-feed and two GF210 biomass boilers

With over 2000 GF biomass boilers installed in the UK, we are experts when it comes to biomass heating. With the addition of our newly developed auto-feed system, new and existing customers can now convert GF batch-fed boilers into fully automatic wood chip systems.


  • Uplift your RHI payments with a more consistent boiler temperature
  • Maximise your heat generation and reduce manual loading time
  • Controlled combustion via automatic burner fan
  • Touch screen control for easy operation
  • 6m³ hopper capacity
  • Optional pneumatic hopper roof

GF210 biomass boilers

Our industry-leading batch-fed biomass boilers burn wood, waste wood (including pallets) and straw to provide heat for many applications.

  • 3 year warranty on boiler
  • First service is free
  • Robust and reliable

A working GF recirculation drying kiln with a solar panel display

This definitely was a great addition to warm up them hands on the early morning starts. Heated by a GF210, this fast drying system reached high temperatures in short time frames.

Recirculation kiln:

  • Reaching temperatures of up to 75°C
  • Automatic intake and extraction dampers for reduced drying times
  • Suitable for a range of materials
  • Easy to install onto new or existing systems
  • Fully manufactured in the UK
  • Very short drying time for firewood logs

Solar panels:

  • Reduces energy bills
  • Increases business cashflow
  • Installed anywhere within the UK
  • Sustainable and tax efficient

And of course, GlenFarrow’s attendance at the APF show would not be complete without our straw hats! Being arguably one of our biggest show stoppers of the event, as the days went on you could slowly start to see a sea of straw hats amongst the visitors. After all, what better what better way to build a crowd than fashionable headwear?

For any additional information about the products we brought along to the show, get in touch here.