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Auto-feed and Pallet Chipper System | Whaplode Manor Hotel

GlenFarrow biomass boiler, chipper and auto-feed
GlenFarrow pallet chipperWhaplode ManorWhaplode ManorWoodchip in GF auto-feed hopperGF auo-feed

The requirement:

Whaplode Manor, situated in the Lincolnshire Fens, has had a working relationship with GlenFarrow for over 30 years. It is known in the area for being a beautiful wedding location with a large barn, stunning courtyard and stable block converted into accommodation rooms. Due to Whaplode Manor’s rural location, the business previously ran solely on electric. In efforts to reduce electricity bills, Paul Wood (co-owner) purchased a GF batch-fed biomass boiler eight years ago. By converting to biomass, Paul was able to utilise his waste wood for fuel and receive payments for his heating through the non-domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) scheme. Last year, Paul reached out to GlenFarrow again for a solution to reduce the amount of time spent manually loading the boiler and to help keep a consistent supply of heat to the business.

Our solution:

A GF auto-feed and pallet chipper was chosen as the ideal solution for Whaplode Manor. The auto-feed converted the existing batch-fed biomass boiler into a fully automatic system. This freed up valuable time for Paul and the team that was previously spent on manually loading the boiler. The GF pallet chipper was also added to supply a constant source of wood chip to the system, eliminating the need to outsource fuel and therefore cutting costs.

These two new systems help to continuously feed wood chip into the biomass boiler. This allows the boiler to be kept at a consistent temperature, providing an uninterrupted supply of heat to the business. A more consistent boiler temperature also means an uplift in RHI monthly payments, so Paul is now able to really maximise his RHI payback.

What the client said:

The installation process of the auto-feed and pallet chipper exceeded our expectations and went very smoothly. We are now running 24 hours a day, seven days a week so the RHI increase is going to be substantial. I would highly recommend GlenFarrow as their service and professionalism has been absolutely excellent – I can’t fault it!

Paul Wood, Owner, Whaplode Manor Hotel