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Sustainable District Heating Systems | Ark ICT Solutions Ltd

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The requirement:

Ark ICT Solutions Ltd has been providing ICT support in both the educational and business sectors since 2001. Two years ago Ark began to build a new office space called the ‘Ark Hub’. The new building is located in Pinchbeck, Spalding – just a stone’s throw away from GlenFarrow’s office. Ark needed a heating system for their new Hub and approached our team at GlenFarrow to help develop the best solution. Originally the business was looking for an LPG system, however James and the Ark team were also open to more sustainable and cost-effective options. This is where the GlenFarrow biomass boiler and auto-feed system comes in….

Our solution:

As the new Ark Hub is so close to GlenFarrow’s own building, our heating experts suggested a district heating system would be the ideal solution. GlenFarrow’s offices are heated by a GlenFarrow biomass boiler and auto-feed system. Extending this system with 200m of pre-insulated underground pipe means GlenFarrow’s boiler can provide heat for both of our buildings. This gives Ark ICT a sustainable way of heating their building, whilst also providing huge savings in comparison to a new LPG system. Our GlenFarrow engineers also carried out a full plumbing and heating installation including all pipework and radiators through to kitchen and toilet fittings. To make sure the Hub has a constant heat supply we also connected the district heating system to GlenFarrow’s ‘back -up’ oil boiler system. This means should the biomass boiler need to be turned off (eg for routine maintenance checks) the oil boiler will kick in giving Ark a constant, uninterrupted supply of heat.

What the client said:

“The district heating system installed by Glen Farrow UK Ltd allows us to economically heat our building. The scheme also fits in with our sustainability policy and it has allowed us to achieve a ‘rare’ A+ EPC rating.” James Bowser, Representative, Ark ICT Solutions Ltd.