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New Irrigation Sprinkler System | Lincoln United Football Club

Irrigation sprinkler system
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The requirement:

Formed in 1938, Lincoln United Football Club was in need of an irrigation system for their football pitch. The grass was dying due to poor water supply and a lack of watering fertiliser into the soil, so maintaining the pitch was becoming progressively more difficult. Therefore, an irrigation system was needed to keep the pitch in top condition for football matches and league games.

Our solution:

The GlenFarrow team designed an irrigation system that would be both efficient and cost-effective. The plans were drawn up using CAD (computer-aided design) to ensure maximum ground coverage using the smallest number of sprinklers possible – this helped to reduce costs. The chosen sprinklers also feature a turf top which helps keep the system very discreet. A water tank was supplied with the system as well which resolved the issue of poor water supply from the mains. A Hunter ACC2 was chosen as the ideal system controller. It has a centralus software which allows the customers to have full control over the watering schedule. It also provides off-site management options as the customer is able to remotely access the system from their smartphone, tablet or desktop.

What the client said:

“We are very happy with the irrigation system GlenFarrow installed at Lincoln Untied football ground. The team was extremely helpful and designed a discreet system that gave full coverage of the pitch. Proper seeding and feeding of the grass is now possible and we are very pleased with the results. I would be happy to recommend GlenFarrow for future irrigation projects.” Lee Griffin, Chairman, Lincoln United Football Club