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Commercial Electrical Work | Turners Warehouse

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The requirement:

Turners (Soham) Ltd, one of the UK’s largest and most successful private distribution companies, wanted to rejuvenate a warehouse and transport yard in Spalding. The warehouse had the original metal halide lighting and wiring which was over 20 years old. Following a complete electrical system test and report from GlenFarrow, Turners decided to completely renew the electrical wiring. They also wanted to improve electrical efficiency by replacing the old lighting with modern energy efficient LEDs. Additionally they needed to have separate electricity meters for tenanted areas of the premises.

Our solution:

GlenFarrow removed the old lighting and wiring, rewired the over 3,000m² warehouse, specified and installed new LED lighting which both reduces the environmental and economic costs while providing a constant lux level throughout. Our team also designed then installed internal and external distribution, wiring and controls. To minimise costs and installation time we specified that the new emergency lighting was integral with the main LEDs minimising the amount of fitting required. Additionally separate electricity meters were fitted for tenanted areas.The system was also fully future-proofed allowing for expansion with minimal extra costs.


What the client said:

“Completely rewiring the building and replacing all the lighting with LEDs allows us to have a safe environment to work in. It also has the added benefit of substantial savings on electricity and constant light levels throughout the premises. GlenFarrow completed the work to time and budget without the need for constant supervision.”

Darren Peall, Lincolnshire Health & Safety Officer, Turners (Soham) Ltd