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Energy Minister, John Hayes MP, visits GlenFarrow Biomass Boilers

The GlenFarrow team was delighted to welcome  Energy Minister, John Hayes MP, to their manufacturing facility at Whaplode, Lincolnshire on Monday December 17th.

The biomass boilers are batch-fed, burning waste or surplus materials such as wood, straw or cardboard to produce hot water or hot air. They are highly efficient for this type of boiler, making the most of the fuel used. This makes them a great solution for users who produce surplus biomass as a by-product as it enables them to replace costly fossil fuels with their own surplus.

The variety of places GlenFarrow has been asked to heat really demonstrates the versatility of biomass heating. Projects to date include a number of grain dryers, a play barn, toilet blocks on a caravan park, a log-drying facility, farm houses, a farm shop and even a conference centre. One of the more technically challenging projects involved designing a district heating system; using one boiler to heat three different farm houses on the same site. Additionally, while not every installation is eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), 25 of the GlenFarrow installations have now received RHI accreditation and another 21 applications are currently being processed, enabling users to reap even more benefits.

The success of the range of biomass boilers has resulted in the development of this dedicated boiler manufacturing facility to accommodate the demand. In all, GlenFarrow and Lynx Engineers Ltd, their manufacturing contractor, have between them created 22 new positions in the manufacture and installation of the boilers.

The minister was shown around the facility by Paul Kitchen, Managing Director of GlenFarrow UK Ltd and designer of the boilers. This allowed the minister to see boilers in all stages of production.

Paul Kitchen said,
“We’re delighted the minister has been able to join us here today and it’s been a privilege to show him around our facility. This visit clearly demonstrates the government’s commitment to alternative energy sources and their appreciation of the range of different technologies on offer. Our range of boilers brings real benefits for certain sectors; sustainable self-sufficiency for their heating needs and a reduction in their use of landfill at the same time.”

John Hayes MP, Energy Minister, said,
“ Biomass boilers are an exciting innovation, generating energy and making use of waste in a highly-efficient manner. I am delighted that this Spalding-based firm has been able to build on successful projects and create more than twenty new jobs.”