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Understanding warm air space heating

Air space water heating graphic for commercial buildings

Keeping a comfortable and warm environment in your commercial building is essential for business moral, especially if you have staff working there every day. That’s why it is important to have the right commercial heating system for your building… and warm air space heating could be your answer!

Warm air space heating – Water to air

This system uses fans to draw air across to a heat exchanger that is filled with circulating hot water which then in turn heats the air and distributes it evenly throughout the indoor space. Due to the nature of this system, it is great for heating spaces that require constant temperatures.

The heat source of hot water can either be oil, gas, LPG, electric, hot water through a heat exchanger or biomass. This is an extremely versatile system that can be very cost effective. Also, the heaters for this system can be mounted on walls, floor standing or suspended from the ceiling.

Warm air space heaters are very practical as you are able to adjust the temperatures with very simple easy to use controls. Warm air space heating can help to keep energy bills low with much quicker heat up times than conventional space heating! We have broken down below the different types of air space heating available for your commercial building:

Key points:

  • This system can be installed onto a new or existing heating system often utilizing existing boilers
  • It is a highly versatile system as it has many configuration options
  • Lower unit and installation costs than direct fired units
  • These units have more placement options than direct fired heaters
  • Very low electrical requirements
  • Low noise level

Warm air space heating – Directly Fired or Heated

This type of warm air heating system is more commonly used with oil, gas, LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and electric heat sources. This is due to the design, the burner or element heats air which passes through an air to air heat exchanger, the air is then blown into the area to be heated.

Key points:

  • High efficiency units
  • Heaters can be either standing, wall mounted or suspended from the ceiling
  • Can usually provide a larger heat output than a water heat exchanger
  • Compact, independent units
  • Off grid and remote heating solutions available
  • Well suited to large open areas such as factories, warehouses, agriculture and horticulture
  • Very low electrical requirements
  • Low noise level


It is important to choose the right commercial heating system for your building and business needs. Our heating specialists at GlenFarrow work closely with our customers to ensure the right system is designed, supplied and installed to the highest standards. To find out more about our plumbing and heating services, call us on 01775 722327.