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The importance of irrigation systems


What is irrigation?

The National Geographic’s definition of irrigation is “to water crops by bringing in water from pipes, canals, sprinklers, or other man-made means, rather than relying on rainfall alone.” Installing an irrigation system is an effective way of applying controlled amounts of water to land to assist the growing of plants, crops and greens.

Why is it important?

Irregular rainfall can hinder plant growth. Irrigation systems allow water to be consistent and ensure uninterrupted agriculture.

A seed cannot grow in dry soil – it needs water to germinate and turn into a plant.

Irrigated land is more productive the non-irrigated land.

Irrigation allows for consistent distribution of nutrients, hydrogen and oxygen to roots.

Benefits of an irrigation system

1.     Conserves water and saves time

Irrigation systems can be automatically programmed run at certain times of the day. The water will shut off once the system is complete – meaning that no water will be wasted. Automatic systems also allow you to remotely set timers and programmes wherever you are at any time.

2.     Improves plant growth

All plants – whether that be grass, crops or flowers, thrive the best when they are watered with small amounts of water over a longer period of time. This type of watering is exactly what irrigation systems are designed to do, therefore installing an irrigation system will help your plants grow faster and quicker.

3.     Preserves nutrients

Irrigation systems are a sure way getting the right amount of water into your soil. Manual watering can often lead to excess water running into the soil, carrying nutrients away with it. Water sprayed onto the soil too vigorously, from a hose for example, could compact the soil causing roots to suffocate. An irrigation system is the best way to keep your soil healthy.

4.     Prevents weeds from growing

You may notice a reduction in weeds when you have your irrigation system installed. This is because these systems are designed to only water required sections – limiting the chance of weeds growing in other areas.

Getting the design of an irrigation system right from the outset makes a huge difference to your water usage and the system’s effectiveness. With over 50 years of experience, we are experts when it comes to developing solutions to best meet your requirements.

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