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The GF auto-feed and GF pallet chipper has landed!

pallet chipper and auto-feed for biomass boilers

We are excited to introduce two new products for our biomass department.  Over the past couple of months we have been developing new biomass products for customers to enhance their biomass systems and get the most out of their biomass boiler.

GF auto-feed

Maximise your heat generation and RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) payments with a GF auto-feed. The product is suitable to convert new and existing GF210 and GF295 biomass boilers to fully automatic systems.

The GlenFarrow Auto-Feed V2

What is included in the GF auto-feed system upgrade?

  • 6 cubic metre hopper with two perspex sight gauges
  • 2 x augers and rotary valve
  • Fully modulating burner fan for optimal efficiency
  • Pneumatic stainless steel knife valve with graphite seal
  • Boiler flue temperature monitoring
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Full delivery and installation

Additional extras available

Automated hopper roof (steel construction)

  • Pneumatic actuators for safe automated opening
  • Large opening for easy loading of fuel
  • Sturdy and watertight

Remote access (via Ethernet cable or GSM)

  • This gives you the ability to monitor and control certain feature when off-site.

GF pallet chipper

The brand new GlenFarrow pallet chipper is a great asset to automatic chip boilers. It is designed for chipping whole pallets and waste wood. This product produces a high quality, fuel-grade wood chip. The wood chip can then be sold or used in biomass systems such as the GF auto-feed or Heizomat wood chip boilers.

GlenFarrow pallet chipper 

What is included with the GF pallet chipper?

  • Solid steel shaft with 1400mm wide chipping area
  • 29 hardened teeth that can be turned four times to pro-long service life and reduce costs
  • Large in-feed chute to accommodate a variety of wood products and sizes
  • Steel construction steps for easy loading
  • Cross auger for fast clearance of material
  • Incline auger for automated loading of hoppers, bulk storage and bags
  • 3 phase electric motor with gearbox

Additional extras available

Extension in-feed hopper

  • Allows loading of smaller pieces of timber via mechanical means

Customer augers

  • This modification allows the chipper to be matched to most set ups and applications

To find out more about biomass boilers and chippers or to book a free site survey, call David Taylor on 01775 722327 or email david.taylor@glenfarrow.co.uk.