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The benefits of servicing your biomass boiler

biomass boilers

Keep your boiler efficient with GlenFarrow!

To keep it short and sweet, servicing your biomass boiler is essential for maintaining efficiency. It is the best way for you to get the most out of your biomass fuel. Who doesn’t want to reduce running costs, decrease fuel consumption and maximise their RHI payments!

Having installed over 2000 biomass boilers, GlenFarrow understands how fundamental a service can be for your biomass boilers lifespan. 

Need more convincing? GlenFarrow’s Biomass Servicing Manager, Wayne Flowers, has provided a list reasons why you should get your biomass boiler serviced.

RHI regulations

Let’s not forget, it is an RHI requirement to have a service carried out on your biomass boiler system every year. Failure to provide servicing records at a RHI audit could suspend your payments!

The RHI Guidelines Volume 2: Ongoing Obligations & Payments, item 2.6 Maintenance of Equipment states, “participants who own heat generating installations are required to maintain their equipment to ensure that it is working effectively. Ofgem requires equipment to be maintained in line with manufacturer’s instructions… Participants will need to keep any evidence of maintenance work carried out, for example service receipts and to provide them with this evidence on request”. 

GlenFarrow will provide full documentation for your records when servicing any biomass boiler system.


Improved boiler efficiency

Servicing your boiler makes sure it is working as efficiently as possible. Therefore, improving your boilers efficiency reduces both your fuel consumption and running costs. A yearly check up also makes sure all components of your biomass system are in working order, preventing future investments on spare parts and increasing its lifespan.


RHI returns

The calculation is simple…


An annual service plays an important role in maintaining your boilers performance for the lowest cost. Checking your boiler early helps to identify any signs of a potential future breakdown, which could leave you without heating and reduce your RHI payments. 

Warranty + Insurance

To keep compliance with your boiler’s manufacture warranty and insurance policy, it is a requirement that an annual service is carried out.


Your first service free on new boilers

When you have a new biomass system installed by GlenFarrow, your first annual service is on us! You can have peace of mind knowing your first boiler service is completely free of charge. Our qualified engineers can also carry out additional works while on site and replace biomass parts if required. 

So don’t leave your boiler without a service! To reap the rewards of a GlenFarrow biomass boiler installation service, contact Wayne Flowers on 01775 722327 or fill out a contact form here: https://glenfarrow.co.uk/contact-us/

Find out more about our biomass servicing: https://glenfarrow.co.uk/services/biomass-boiler-service/