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Temporary boiler repair and fuel tank installation at Scrivelsby AD Plant

Temporary boiler and fuel tank installation solves the heating emergency at Scrivelsby AD Plant ✔️

GlenFarrow recently supplied and installed a temporary boiler complete with fuel tank. This provided emergency heating to the site whilst essential engine repairs were carried out. From point of call we were able to:

  • Complete the repair in less than 48 hours from enquiry
  • Provide full hire and installation of a temporary 500kw boiler and fuel tank
  • Install all necessary plumbing and electrical connections

To see how we successfully resolved this emergency from start to finish, watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTuEBJy7XGI

We can provide this service nationwide.

If you need to restore heat in a hurry call Wayne Flowers on 01775 722327.

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