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Biomass Boiler Service

GlenFarrow recommends annual servicing for biomass boilers and equipment and offer a Biomass Servicing package to all customers. While the key element of the Biomass Servicing package is the biomass boiler other parts of the system need to be maintained. It is also part of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) conditions to have your boiler serviced, to continue to receive RHI payments, the equipment must be maintained in accordance with the Manufacturers specification. Your new boiler’s first service is free of charge.

Why do you need to have your boiler serviced?

An annual boiler service is essential to maintain your eligibility for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. GlenFarrow recommend that all their boilers are serviced annually to ensure the most efficient operation, minimise the possibility of breakdowns and keep the boiler in a safe state for operation. The RHI Guidelines Volume 2: Ongoing Obligations & Payments, item 2.6 Maintenance of Equipment states “As an ongoing obligation, participants who own heat generating installations are required to maintain their equipment to ensure that it is working effectively. Ofgem requires equipment to be maintained in line with manufacturer’s instructions…..Participants will need to keep any evidence of maintenance work carried out, for example service receipts and to provide them with this evidence on request”. When we service any equipment we will provide full documentation for your records.

How often should a biomass boiler be serviced?

Boilers should be serviced annually. This regular process will ensure the boiler will continue to work at the optimum level, be safe and will help to minimise the possibility of breakdowns.

How long will my service take?

We recommend that you allow a full day for your biomass boiler service.

Arranging your biomass boiler service

We will work to minimise the downtime and to arrange a date which best suits you to ensure the minimum inconvenience. We will contact you to arrange a suitable date.

What is included?

  • Initial visual check, including applicable plant room.
  • Check of heat meter operation, including checking flow areas and return temperatures are correct with external devices, and any error codes present. Check and adjust safety devices i.e.PRV’s, AAV’s and flow switches.
  • Check and replace door and flue box, rope seals if worn
  • Check main temperature sensor against external device
  • Check for signs of leaks and repair if necessary
  • Check thermal insulation on pipework and repair if necessary. Check for rust.
  • Check pump operation and flow rates and clear any fault codes
  • Check door catch operation, grease hinges, check for wear and replace parts as necessary.
  • Check plate heat exchanger performance with external device and check for corrosion
  • Re-paint parts of Biomass Boiler as required
  • Clean the flue box and sweep chimney, scrape and clean chamber
  • Check the fan controller operation. Check fan(s) operation, clean as necessary.
  • Clean heating coils (if applicable)
  • Check for damaged cables and check chimney frame

Servicing Packages

  • Option One | A single one-off service of your Biomass Boiler – £750.00 + VAT
  • Option Two | 3 Years of Servicing at the reduced rate of – £650.00 + VAT/ Service
  • Option Three | 5 Years of Servicing at the reduced rate of – £600.00 + VAT/Service
  • To discuss longer term arrangements or for multiple boilers please contact us.
  • Rates valid until 1st June 2017
  • The service will include the following operational checks: Starting the boiler | Operational checks that the boiler is working correctly | Check of expansion vessel and recording pressure rise – cold to hot | Temperature rise on the boiler is checked | Checking Stat switching on/off on correct temperatures | Issuing a new tube brush

Find out more

Contact our Servicing Co-Ordinator, Wayne Flowers, who will be pleased to schedule your biomass boiler service.

Wayne Flowers

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