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Be RHI audit ready with GlenFarrow’s pre-audit service!

GlenFarrow biomass boilers

Not yet received your RHI Audit? Then why not book a RHI pre-audit with GlenFarrow to help increase your chances of passing your audit with flying colours.

GlenFarrow understand the importance of passing your RHI audit and the amount of time that can be wasted fixing non-compliances. Any non-compliance from an audit can cause your payments to be suspended, negatively affect business cashflow or even result in your removal from the scheme. Therefore, resolving any boiler issues before your audit is much easier and more cost effective than afterwards.

So what should you expect from a GlenFarrow pre-audit service?

1. Initial paperwork examination

Upon acceptance of the pre-audit, you will be contacted by Adam Thompson and he will provide you with a list of items that would be beneficial to have before the visit. Additionally, your log in details for your RHI account may be required to carry out the review.

2. Paperwork on site

All paperwork associated with the audit will be assessed.

3. Walkthrough of site

You will be given a full walkthrough of your site and paperwork in a similar way as the auditor would.

4. Fuels checked

GlenFarrow will check the fuels you use for your biomass boiler and we will advise on sustainability.

5. Meters inspected 

Meter arrangements will be inspected and we will advise you on their compliance.

6. Maintenance examined

We will check up on the maintenance you are carrying out on your boiler and how it can improved in the eyes of the auditor.

7. Heat uses assessed

We will assess and advise you on the compliance of your heat uses, whilst also checking you have the correct paperwork in place to demonstrate their compliance.

8. Report and advice 

For your benefit, sample documentation will be provided as a guideline that you can refer to for future use. Also, we will generate a report on the status of your RHI which will include any remedial actions to take.

So don’t be in the dark with your RHI audit! Let GlenFarrow help you identify potential boiler issues before your next audit.

To book your RHI pre-audit, contact Adam Thompson:

T: 01775 722327       E: adam.thompson@glenfarrow.co.uk

Alternatively, fill in a contact form here.