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Pre-Purchase CCTV Drain Surveys: Everything You Need to Know

pre-purchase drain surveys map

Looking to purchase a property? In the mist of the excitement of buying a new home, one thing that can often be overlooked is the condition of the drainage system. This is where CCTV drain surveys come in! They play a vital role in inspecting the drainage system and identifying any faults.

What is a pre-purchase CCTV drain survey?

A pre-purchase drain survey, or a home-buyer’s drain survey, is a recommended inspection for anyone purchasing a property to discover any potential drainage issues such as cracked pipes, blocked drains, root damage or anything else.

A CCTV drain survey works by an engineer feeding a high-spec water proof camera rod through the drainage system from an access point, like a manhole or inspection chamber. The camera sends back footage to a screen which allows the engineer to inspect underground pipes without the need to excavate.

What does a pre-purchase drainage inspection look for?

There is a number of things that engineers look out for when conducting a pre-purchase inspection survey. Some of these include:

  • Where the drains connect to the sewer line and how they are used
  • Pipe condition, size and what they are made out of (PVC, clay etc)
  • Any blockages or build-up of scale causing corrosion
  • Any disconnected or damaged pipe joints
  • Root intrusion in the drainage system
  • Any collapsed drains

Our top benefits

1 | Detailed report of findings before purchasing a property

    CCTV drain surveys are the best way to spot any defects in your pipework that you may not be aware of, such as disconnected pipes or incorrect flow levels. Just like a property report, a pre-purchase drain survey aims to give more clarity on the property you are buying and reports any issues before they worsen.

    2 | Drainage system responsibility

    Inspecting your drainage system will help identify who is responsible for the drainage connected to your property. This means if you ever get a blockage or drainage problem in the future, you will know who is responsible for rectifying the issue.

    3 | Drain mapping

    A pre-purchase drainage survey can complete a map of the whole system, providing an ‘aerial’ view of the drains. The diagram determines where key areas of your drainage system are. These include:

    • Position of sewage and rain water pipes
    • Direction of flow
    • Position of gullies
    • Depth and size of the pipework

    Drain mapping is also beneficial to have if you sell your property in the future.

    4 | Discover any damaged connections

    Investigating your drainage system using CCTV can help prospective homebuyers uncover any disconnected pipes, which can result in leaks and incorrect flow levels.

    Why would you need a pre-purchase drain survey?

    1 | Mortgages

      When applying for a mortgage, some lenders may require a drainage survey to be completed at the property before agreeing to a loan. Our drainage surveys provide a detailed report of findings with all relevant information about the drainage system.

      2 | Peace of mind before your purchase

      Purchasing a property is stressful enough without discovering drainage issues after you move in. Our CCTV drainage survey helps to give buyers peace of mind that their drainage system is in working order, or identify issues that can be fixed before the sell goes through.

      3 | Insurance

      Some insurance companies may offer discounted rates for home owners who have carried out a pre-purchase drain survey on their property that has proven to be in a good working condition.

      4 | Detailed drainage report

      A standard property survey will not be able to identify any drainage issues in your system. That’s why CCTV drainage surveys are great for giving homeowners extra insight into the property they are purchasing.

      Get in touch

      Our drainage experts are on call to provide drain inspections and mapping services whenever you need them. To arrange a survey, call our experts get in touch here.