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GlenFarrow turns 50!


March 2022 marks 50 years of GlenFarrow!

From a one-man start-up to a company with over 40 employees and 6 core departments, GlenFarrow is very different to the small heating and irrigation company it started as in 1972. One thing though has not changed, despite relocations and name changes, our commitment to bringing industry-leading, quality products to our customers.

It all started with one man…

Mr Gilbert Maddison formed Glen Heat and Irrigation, which we all know today as GlenFarrow, in 1972. He explained “I realised there was a gap in the market for the smaller types of irrigation works. All the firms around at the time were big and not too interested in the smaller jobs that farmers and growers wanted doing”. The company’s first home was a pre-fabricated building in Small Drove, Spalding near the River Glen (hence the name!).

Glen Heat and Irrigation expands, one poly tunnel at a time…

The company grew quickly in the first six months which allowed Maddison to hire Glen Heat’s first employee, part-time secretary Mrs Diana Newby. By the following year a two-man installation team was needed to keep up with demand and this enabled Glen Heat and Irrigation to undertake contracts direct.

The company was going from strength to strength and expanding the range of services it could offer. Diversification into polythene multi-spans was a significant moment for the company as the tunnels were inexpensive compared to traditional glass and could be put up relatively quickly. Glen Heat and Irrigation could now offer complete packages – tunnel, heating and irrigation.

A major development came when Farrow Irrigation was looking for a buyer. Maddison saw this as an ideal opportunity for expansion and grabbed it with both hands. Farrow Irrigation became Farrows of Spalding – a division of Glen Heat and Irrigation.

From Glen Heat & Irrigation to GlenFarrow

In 1998 the business came under new ownership. This saw Glen Heat and Irrigation and Farrows of Spalding combined into one entity – the GlenFarrow we know today.

GlenFarrow today

The range of services and products GlenFarrow offers to our customers grows year on year. We now have six core departments, over 40 employees and a commitment to high standard customer service that is as strong as ever.

“GlenFarrow has worked hard over the last 50 years to diversify its products and services. The company is currently designing and developing more products than ever before whilst offering its largest ever range of services. This continuing strategy will help GlenFarrow to grow over the next 50 years as it has done in the last, and serve a continuously expanding customer base.”

Michael Powell, Managing Director


The range of services we now offer:


GlenFarrow took the biomass industry by storm in the 2000’s with the industry-leading GF batch-fed biomass boiler which burns wood, waste wood (including pallets) and straw to provide heat to many applications. Biomass has now become one of GlenFarrow’s biggest departments, with our engineers installing over 2000 biomass boilers throughout the UK and Europe. Drying solutions are also one of our specialties, designing and installing bespoke drying systems for a wide range of materials. We are now also approved installers of Heizomat wood chip boilers.

The newest addition to our range is our pallet chippers and GF auto-feed which converts batch-fed biomass boilers into automatic systems.

Find our range of biomass boilers and chippers.

Commercial plumbing and heating

After 50 years of experience we are experts in the design, supply and installation of heating systems for commercial and industrial applications. Our engineers are fully qualified in all relevant disciplines (gas, LPG, oil and electrical). Services range from servicing, 24-hour breakdowns, full plant room re-fit and much, much more!

Find our range of heating services here: https://glenfarrow.co.uk/what-we-do/commercial-plumbing-and-heating/

Electrical services

Our NICEIC electricians provide fully integrated mechanical and electrical services – from full design installations to emergency call-outs. We also now install EV chargers for electric vehicles at both commercial and domestic properties. After all, the future is electric!

Find our range of electrical services here: https://glenfarrow.co.uk/what-we-do/electrical-services/

Irrigation services

GlenFarrow has been designing irrigation systems for 50 years, making us top choice for developing solutions to best meet customer requirements. Our areas of expertise range from agriculture and horticulture, poly tunnels, green houses and everything in between. Sports turf irrigation is also one of our specialties and the team has recently secured contracts for premiership teams such as Gloucester Rugby and Leeds United.

Find our range of irrigation services here: https://glenfarrow.co.uk/what-we-do/irrigation/

Waste water treatment

Our waste water department designs and builds optimum waste water treatment systems. GlenFarrow has supported effluent treatment plants with comprehensive serving, maintenance and monitoring plans for over 30 years. We are trusted engineers for many international waste water clients. Last year we expanded our services by offering drain jetting services for both commercial and domestic jobs.

Find our range of waste water treatment services here: https://glenfarrow.co.uk/what-we-do/waste-water-treatment/

Trade Counter and Showroom

Our Trade Counter has grown and expanded massively over the years. GlenFarrow now offers a full range of spares and supplies for all of the areas that we cover. The most recent addition to the range is over the counter hydraulic hose repairs.

Find out more about our range of stock here: https://glenfarrow.co.uk/what-we-do/trade-counter-and-showroom/