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GlenFarrow at the National Ploughing Championships

GlenFarrow at the National Ploughing Championships

GlenFarrow, the batch fed Biomass Boiler experts will be exhibiting at the National Ploughing Championships, Screggan, Tullamore 19th to 21st September, for the first time.

This is the first time the UK based manufacturer and installer will have exhibited at the event.  They will be demonstrating their range of batch fed Biomass Boilers and Dryers.

Why GlenFarrow?

GlenFarrow have already manufactured and installed over 900 Biomass Boilers. Boilers have been installed in a range of industry sectors especially for the agricultural and forestry industries. Their batch fed boilers offer a convenient alternative to chip or pellet fed boilers. Biomass boilers are ideal for customers wishing to minimise their use of polluting fossil fuels. The boilers can be used in a variety of situations including commercial and domestic heating, local area networks or grain and log drying can be fuelled with wood, waste wood or cereal straw. The fuel sources are ideal for those wishing to use what would otherwise be waste materials.

Visitors to the show should call in and see the GlenFarrow range and the potential of the heat generated. The technological innovations of the boilers and dryers such as the insulated log dryer, which has been especially developed to meet customer requirements in Ireland. During the show GlenFarrow will have a boiler lit and producing heat. Visitors to the Ploughing can discuss their requirements, and see GlenFarrow’s innovative solutions to meet these.

Commenting on GlenFarrow’s support for the National Ploughing Championships GlenFarrow Managing Director, Paul Kitchen said “The Ploughing is the biggest show in Ireland and amongst the most prestigious in Europe. Our representative in Ireland Brian Kirwan, who became an advocate for our Boilers and Log Dryers after he bought one, has been pressing us to exhibit for some time. The announcement of an RHI scheme makes it was an ideal time to exhibit. GlenFarrow are recognised as experts in batch fed biomass boilers and associated equipment.

Brian Kirwan, GlenFarrow’s representative in Ireland said “I saw GlenFarrow’s boilers and log dryers when I visited the APF Show. I was impressed by the quality of build and their flexibility. So I bought one it was all installed and is maintained by GlenFarrow, which means I have no worries about it. It works so well it has helped my business, BK Fuels, to expand. That’s why I wanted to be their representative in Ireland”

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