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GlenFarrow’s new Biomass Boiler wins LAMMA Award 2011

Paul Kitchen With the Lamma Award 2011

GlenFarrow is delighted their new range of biomass boilers was so well received at LAMMA 2011 won the LAMMA Award for Best Innovation. The design and manufacture of these boilers represent the culmination of many years’ experience installing biomass boilers and commercial heating systems and aims to supply users with a system that is easier to install and use than other comparable boilers.

The GlenFarrow Biomass Boiler is a batch-fed system, utilising waste or surplus materials such as wood, straw or cardboard (biomass). The boiler burns these to produce hot water or hot air, which can be used in situations ranging from rural domestic central heating or swimming pool heating through to numerous industrial, agricultural and commercial applications. What’s more, the GlenFarrow Biomass Boiler burns biomass in its raw form so there’s no need to pre-process the waste.
This is a great solution for users who produce surplus biomass as a by-product of their existing operations as it enables them to replace costly fossil fuels with their own surplus. The cost saving on this is two-fold – no fossil fuel costs and no costs associated with sending waste to landfill. Even better, less fossil fuel usage means less cost to the environment as well!

Additionally, unlike many of its competitors, the GlenFarrow Biomass Boiler includes all the essentials needed to run the system. All safety and control features are fitted as standard and the pipe work is pre-designed to fit into most standard systems and it has a built in support stand, all of which makes it simplicity itself to install. This means the price you see really is the price you pay – there’s no need for custom-designed pipework to integrate it with existing systems.

As well as that, the GlenFarrow Biomass Boilers contain higher levels of insulation than most comparable boilers and incorporate GlenFarrow’s unique water-jacket door system to ensure maximum heat exchange efficiency. All this combines to make a boiler that has been independently verified to be 85% efficient and which represents a real step forward in design for boilers of this type.

The GlenFarrow Biomass Boiler is available in five sizes producing a minimum output range from 50kW to 400 kW, capable of giving savings of as much as £535 per 10,000kW when compared with oil.

For more information contact David Taylor on 01775 722327.