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GlenFarrow Launches GF90 Wood Log Boiler

GlenFarrow Launches GF90 Wood Log Boiler

The GF90 Wood Log boiler has been launched by GlenFarrow at LAMMA 2018.

GlenFarrow has used LAMMA to launch new products over the last 8 years and 2018 is only exceptional in terms of the importance of the latest product launch

As the UK’s leading manufacturer and installer of Biomass Boilers and associated equipment GlenFarrow has launched their latest addition to their range of Biomass Boilers, the GF90 Wood Log Boiler.

The new boiler has a number of features including:

  • Integrated 1250 litre accumulator tank;
  • Thermostatic loading valve
  • High capacity water jacket.

These features are designed to reduce the time from lighting to being able to draw heat and maximise the overall efficiency of the boiler.

The new GlenFarrow 90 wood log boiler has been designed following customer demand for a boiler that uses logs and waste wood aimed at smaller applications. Ideal for larger residential properties, farm buildings, workshops and district heating systems.

Why GlenFarrow?

GlenFarrow has gained a reputation for their excellence in engineering innovation. Their Biomass Boiler range now includes two larger boilers the GlenFarrow 295 and 210 Biomass boilers along with innovations in plant rooms and dryers for logs and grain alongside the new GF90.

Commenting on GlenFarrow’s ongoing innovation GlenFarrow Managing Director, Paul Kitchen said “We concentrate on meeting customer demand and constantly innovate to ensure that we remain at the forefront of technology in all the sectors we work within. The new GF90 keeps us at the forefront of batch fed biomass boiler technology and opens this renewable energy source to a whole new group of customers who wouldn’t previously have considered one of our larger boilers as a suitable source of heat and hot water”

To find out more about the GlenFarrow GF90 click here or to get information on the RHI potential for our new boiler click here