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GlenFarrow Exhibiting at The National Ploughing Championships Screggan Co Offaly

GlenFarrow Exhibiting at The National Ploughing Championships Screggan Co Offaly

Following a successful first attendance at the National Ploughing Championships in 2017, GlenFarrow will be returning in 2018. This year the GlenFarrow team is exhibiting a wider range of their Biomass Boilers and associated products.

The GlenFarrow stand will include 3 of its Biomass Boiler products including the GF295, GF210 and the GF50. Alongside the biomass boilers GlenFarrow will exhibit their 20ft plant room, 10ft plant room and a fully insulated log dryer container.

GlenFarrow Biomass Boilers

GlenFarrow’s range of biomass boilers are perfect for the agricultural sector and are used extensively to provide heating, hot water and process heating for drying such things as grain and wood.

The GF50 boiler has been developed for the smaller industrial market or for use in domestic settings. The GF50 incorporates a built in 1,000 litre accumulator tank.

GlenFarrow boilers are batch fed. This means that they do not require processed fuel such as wood chips. The boilers are ideal for burning wood, waste wood that would otherwise have to be disposed of and straw, all helping to reduce reliance on expensive fossil fuels.

Plant Rooms, Log and Grain Drying

As well as exhibiting their industry leading batch fed biomass boilers GlenFarrow are showing their an insulated wood drying container. Fully equipped plant rooms will also be on display, allowing GlenFarrow to be able to demonstrate their boilers by lighting it. As a show special any order taken during the show for an insulated container will be at the same price as an uninsulated drying container.

The National Ploughing Championships an Important Showcase.

Commenting on attendance at the National Ploughing GlenFarrow Managing Director Paul Kitchen said “Biomass is being recognised as a valuable alternative to burning fossil fuels for heating, drying and hot water. GlenFarrow are a leading manufacturer and installer of batch fed biomass boilers. This makes us an ideal partner for those wishing to reduce their reliance on expensive fossil fuels. The availability of incentives, from Government, to switch makes installing a batch fed biomass boiler very attractive. Our boilers are highly efficient at converting fuel to heat. So customers can look forward to years of cost savings over the alternatives. I am looking forward to meeting show visitors and am delighted to be exhibiting at Screggan for a second year.” 

Come along and see us on stand Block 3 Row 6 Stand no 159. For tickets visit the National Ploughing Website npa.ie/ticketsmenu/