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GlenFarrow Boilers Make a valuable contribution to Farm Finances.

GlenFarrow Boilers Make a valuable contribution to Farm Finances.

According to the latest Defra forecasts farm incomes remain volatile in a Brexit world and with a rise in the price of fossil fuels having an alternative source of income and cutting costs remain high on Farmers agendas in 2017.

That’s why it is important to consider ways to cut costs and move away from a dependence on fossil fuels. Our range of biomass boilers are an ideal solution for farmers looking to improve their financial position and to use what might otherwise be a waste product. GlenFarrow’s range of boilers and associated accessories such as grain and log dryers means that farmers can reduce costs and improve profitability.

A GlenFarrow batch fed Biomass Boiler can be powered by either cereal straw, logs or waste wood and can be used for a range of applications from wood drying for onward sale or grain drying to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, which have seen rapidly rising prices. The GlenFarrow range is widely used for heating of workshops, farm cottages or even poultry sheds or milking parlours, all helping either to diversify income or reduce costs.

Of course, the GlenFarrow range continue to benefit from the Government’s Medium Scale Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments. This RHI payment remain an important factor when Farmers consider installing Biomass boilers and is a valuable long term contribution to Farm finances.