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Tulip Ltd

The requirement:

Our client needed a system that would transfer greasy waste from food production on their extremely large site away from the screening plant and into the bulk storage tank, prior to disposal. They had experienced problems in the past with malfunctions due to fat build ups and were concerned about the risk of freezing and burst pipes in harsh winters.

Our solution:

The team at GlenFarrow designed, built and installed an above ground system using a polypropylene, open topped pumping chamber with an integral base. Within the chamber, a free standing submersible chopper pump is controlled by plastic-coated level probes. These probes are a cost-effective way of controlling levels in the chamber and of minimising the risk of operation malfunction as their plastic coatings reduce the fat build up that can be a problem with other pump control methods

The chopper pump is equipped with a double bladed cutting system to cut gross solids into small pieces to allow passage through the pump and rising main without blockage or maceration. The pump is seated on the bottom of the tank on a stainless steel plate, spreading the weight of the pump over the chamber floor and eliminating point wear from the three pump support legs.

The rising main discharging into the bulk storage tank is not fitted with a non return valve, allowing the main to drain back into the pumping chamber after each pumping cycle. This is beneficial, as any build up of solids around the pump bowl are flushed clear – a particular benefit in freezing conditions as an empty main cannot freeze up

What the client said:

“The GlenFarrow team were really efficient on site, they did a neat job that was finished on time and the new system works like a dream.”

Ruskington Site Engineering Manager

About GlenFarrow

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