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Updated Heating System | Thomas Cowley High School

Press pipework
RadiatorPress pipeworkPipesPress pipeworkRadiator


The requirement:

Thomas Cowley High School, founded in 1973, recently reached out to GlenFarrow to complete works on their out-of-date heating system. There were two main problems with their heating system. The first was the library area where pipes were leaking under the floor and the old radiators were inefficient at heating the space. The second area of concern was in the school canteen hall where old, broken, fan coils meant the hall was getting minimal to no heat. GlenFarrow’s engineers developed a solution which would best resolve the heating issues in both areas.


Our solution:

In the library, our engineers designed and re-routed the pipework to go above the ground and also added additional pipe to allow for any potential future projects. The pipe material was updated to carbon press and copper which will help give the system a much longer service life than the original steel pipe. GlenFarrow also replaced the old cast iron radiators with more modern, highly efficient, ultra-quite, fan coil units. The compact structure of these units means they are ideal for heating large areas with minimal installation space.

In the canteen area we replaced the old, broken fan coils with compact units that have more efficient heat exchangers. Coupled with a powerful electric fan, these units use less energy than the previous system and will help reduce energy bills. We installed stand-alone units to remove the need for wooden boxing – this helped to reduce installation costs. These units also have the added benefit of a built-in programmer and thermostat controls.


What the client said:

“We wanted a company who could help us solve issues across the school. We have used GlenFarrow for a few years and knew they would be a great company to complete the works we required. The works went as expected from start to finish with no issues. I will be using them in the future and would not hesitate to recommend them.”

James Caborn, Site Manager and Caretaker, Thomas Cowley High School