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Garden Irrigation System | Southfield Farm

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The requirement:

The GlenFarrow irrigation team was approached to design and install an irrigation system for a new farmhouse and gardens near Newark. Both the design and installation phases would demand close co-operation with the principal contractors, Gusto Construction, as the brief was that all pipework and components (with the exception of dripline) should be entirely hidden from view.

The more traditional elements of the completed system included dripline for all planting beds and for the raised vegetable garden, sprinklers for the lawns at the front of the house and the orchard, and aeration of the pond to ensure ongoing water quality. More unusually, we were also asked to manufacture and install an impressive stainless steel rill to carry water across the patio.

Our solution:

The GlenFarrow team visited the site many times over a number of months to install our pipework as each element had to be carefully co-ordinated with the work schedule of the principal contractor. We installed a new pump station, irrigation controller, larger sprinklers at the front of the house and in the orchard and dripline in the raised vegetable garden as well as all the planting beds.

The client wanted the system for maintaining pond water quality to be invisible, so our solution was an underwater Otterbine Aerator. This, together with a large UV clarifier through which the pond water is constantly pumped to keep it algae free, will ensure the pond remains in good health throughout the year. For the stainless steel rill, we worked with a local fabricator to get all the sections made. Once the rill was in place we installed a pumping system and auto top-up feature using a bespoke control panel designed and built by the GlenFarrow Electrical Department.

As part of our ongoing maintenance package, the GlenFarrow team will also return to drain the system down in readiness for the winter months and then re-commission in spring.

What the client said:

“The GlenFarrow team were a joy to have on site – friendly and always pleasant. Their speed of service and response times were excellent and we’d recommend them to anyone considering installing irrigation in their gardens.”

Mrs F, Owner, Southfield Farm