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RHI Plant Replacement | R Hutt & Partners

Heizomat biomass boiler
Biomass boiler valvesHeizomat boiler

The Requirement:

Lee Farm is home to the family run business R Hutt & Partners, located in Maiden head, Berkshire. This vast establishment includes a domestic family home, a farm workshop, two equestrian tack rooms and various rented work shop are as including a vehicle MOT centre and a dog grooming parlour. In May 2012, Lee Farm asked Glen Farrow to supply and install a GF 400 large batch-fed biomass boiler. After many years of faithful service, it was decided due to loading requirements and newly proposed heat uses, the current biomass boiler should be replaced. Lee Farm wanted to eliminate their current manual loading routine with a self-feeding system, so valuable time could be saved and utilised else where. Also, replacing the boiler meant that Lee Farm could take advantage of the newly available RHI “replacement plant” legislation.

Our solution:

After enjoying an already long standing business relationship with GlenFarrow, our team assessed the site and developed a solution that would best fit the customer’s needs. A Heizomat RHK-AK 400 automatic wood chip biomass boiler was the ideal solution. The new partnership between Heizomat and Glen Farrow allowed for a quick and efficient manufacturing and delivery process. As this boiler had the same heating capacity as its predecessor (400kWh), it was able to provide ample heating across the farm. Glen Farrow’s engineers installed temporary electric boilers to maintain an uninterrupted heating supply to the family home whilst the boiler was being installed. Once that was done they installed new electrical distribution systems, pipe work and brackery across the site including high output warm air heaters. The customer was also supplied with two new wood chip drying containers fed from a central plant room which housed a centrifugal fan, heat exchanger and a bespoke touch screen control system.

What the client said:

“Following the successful installation of the GF 400 biomass boiler in 2012 and the on going relationship we have with the company, it was only natural to go with GlenFarrow for our next project. We wanted to take advantage of the new RHI replacement plant legislation and move towards a more automated system. The GlenFarrow team provided the perfect solution for this, meeting all of our requirements and again exceeding our expectations of quality and workmanship”. Matt Sell, Owner, Lee Farm