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New Heating System | Moulton All Saints Church

Commercial heating layout
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The requirement:

GlenFarrow were asked by our client to look at options for replacing the aged and inefficient, direct gas fired, warm air heating system at Moulton All Saints Church. A number of problems had to be overcome, not least the very restricted space for housing a new boiler, the very low thermal retention properties of the building and the noise levels that any new system might generate in such an acoustic environment.

Our solution:

Initially we provided the client with two options: an efficient natural gas air handling unit providing warm air at high volume or a new gas boiler providing hot water to individual fan coil units located around the perimeter of the church. The pros and cons of both systems were discussed in detail with the client and the decision was taken to go for the replacement high volume air handling unit. This was the most attractive package financially but it also had great practical advantages as it offers the quickest warm up time and is much quieter than other methods of heating. It provides 220kW of heat input at a rate of 4.2m³/sec and an air filtration element ensures dust-free airflow into the building.

The design and fabrication of the gas and electrical services and ducting was critical as structural and architectural intrusions had to be eliminated wherever possible. Additionally, great care had to be taken to protect the sensitive environment of the church and the graveyard throughout the project. With this in mind, the unit was housed in an unused porch, removing the need for any additional structures. The control panel was installed within the Vestry, and was chosen to offer simple controls with maximum functionality. A remote control was also included to allow the vicar to silence the unit at any time during a service.

What the client said:

“The team from GlenFarrow took great care to match a system precisely to our financial, practical and aesthetic
needs. The new system is really flexible and does a great job of heating the church.”

Rev Rosamund Seal, Vicar, Moulton All Saints