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MK Robinson
Bourne, Lincolnshire

The requirement:

MK Robinson processed up to 600 tonnes of ash and oak wood per year, dried via barn storage, but wanted to
increase the volume they handled. Rather than give over more space to barn drying, the decision was made to
diversify into supplying kiln dried logs. These can be dried within a matter of days and then moved on, meaning
much less storage space is required. With large amounts of unprocessed, lower grade, cord wood available, the
company was keen to use this to power the kiln due to the obvious cost benefits. It was also important to them
to find a supplier who could oversee the project from start to finish; design the system, supply and install the
relevant equipment and take them through the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) accreditation process.

Our Solution:

After a preliminary site visit, the GF125 Biomass Boiler was selected as the most appropriate model for the fuel
available and the chosen location. The boiler was to be positioned next to the building housing the log dryer and
the hot water generated via the boiler would circulate through a large heat exchanger to produce hot air. Axial fans
would then distribute the hot air through the logs, drying 17 tonnes of logs at a time and removing 20 – 25%
moisture content in 72 hours, resulting in increased production and a consistently high quality product. In turn this
has brought greater customer satisfaction and increased business.

The increased speed of the drying process and greater turnover of the stock has, in turn, boosted this revenue
stream for the business. What’s more, the client was able to take advantage of the government Renewable Heat
Incentive scheme which has provided an additional flow of income.
The GlenFarrow team oversaw the entire installation, dealing with all the pipework, electrics, pumps and control
systems, as well as the boiler, commissioned the system and then dealt with all the paperwork for the RHI

What the client said:

“The GlenFarrow staff, from Paul and David right through to the installation engineers, were professional at all
times and the only thing to give me hot air was the boiler!”

Michael Robinson, Owner, M K Robinson

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