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Biomass Log Dryer | Logs West Midlands

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The requirement:

Logs West Midlands Ltd is an established firewood merchant, operating across the West Midlands. They process up to 2,800m3 of firewood per annum and, in the past, had always seasoned wood either in the open air or in barns, while demand for kiln-dried wood was met by buying in wood dried by others. However, demand for kiln dried wood has grown dramatically as customers become more aware that a firewood with lower moisture content results in less smoke and less tar build up in their chimneys. Kiln drying their own wood would enable them to both reduce their storage capacity requirements and increase their turnover of kiln-dried wood.

Our Solution:

We suggested the client considered using a GlenFarrow Biomass Log Dryer system. This links a GlenFarrow biomass boiler with a modified 40 foot ex-shipping container, (with heat exchanger equipment mounted inside) to provide process heating for log drying. This system could allow Logs West Midlands Ltd to dry 20m³ of wood in just 4-6 days, reducing the moisture content to either 23% (seasoned wood) or 20% (kiln-dried wood). Even better, as a firewood processors, they have easy access to waste wood and other wood sources which they can use as fuel for the boiler. GlenFarrow has already supplied and installed over 100 of these systems to customers nationwide, which gave our client additional confidence this solution would provide them with the ability to kiln dry wood for retail sale. GlenFarrow offers a full supply and installation service for their Biomass Log Dryers. Once the delivery date is agreed with the client and any site preparation works have been completed, the system can be up and running extremely quickly. In this case, delivery of the equipment, installation, commissioning and submission of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) application took place within the space of a week. The installation has already proved to be such a success that an additional GlenFarrow Biomass Log Dryer has already been installed. The new log dryer is positioned alongside the first and, together, the two dryers will enable Logs West Midlands Ltd to further increase their capacity and guarantee that all the wood they sell has a moisture content of 23% or less.

What the client said:

“The dryers guarantee us continuity of supply of a dry firewood, which means we can expand our market place opportunities. We’re also able to reduce the amount of wood we have to stock pile so our cash flow has increased and we can use renewable biomass as a fuel to power the boilers!GlenFarrow’s installation service was brilliant-the whole process from start to finish was quick, professional and very customer-focused. We would have no hesitation in recommending GlenFarrow in the future.” Rosanne Howes, Owner, Logs West Midlands Ltd